Anna Różańska

Chief Operating Officer
  • Since 2014, Anna has been collaborating with companies to develop and implement several R&D projects while assisting them in securing financing. Her clients have received nearly PLN 300 million in non-refundable and non-dilutive grants to date. She is passionate about working closely with clients to create projects, recognizing its significance in building a competitive advantage and increasing company revenue. Through numerous successful projects, Anna has played a key role in reshaping the perception of R&D’s role in business operations, leading to the emergence of new products, services, high-tech laboratories, innovative production lines, and expansion into foreign markets. With almost a decade of experience in acquiring grants for R&D and investment projects, Anna now serves as the COO of Frontline Biosciences SA. She prioritizes individualized and innovative approaches to project assessment, leveraging her practical experience along with intellectual and creative capabilities to maximize project potential.